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Sake-themed Tote Bags for Tippsy

tippsy sake tote bag
Team Chill or Team Warm? Based in Los Angeles, California, Tippsy (www.tippsysake.com) is an online marketplace for Japanese sake, carrying more than 300 labels from Japan and the United States. It also offers quarterly subscription plans with a box of six carefully selected mini-bottles of sake. Since its launch in 2018, I serve as Creative...

Islander Sake Brewery Hawaii

Sake brewing in Hawai‘i Not many people know that Hawai‘i has a long history of sake brewing. Hawai‘i’s first sake brewery, Honolulu Japanese Sake Brewery Co. (later Honolulu Sake Brewery & Ice Co., Ltd.), was founded in 1908 by a Japanese immigrant, Tajiro Sumita. Following that, several breweries started business in the Islands. The...