Hana Hou!

Bird Watcher

Hana Hou! is the inflight magazine of Hawaiian Airlines. In the October–November 2012 issue of the Japanese edition and April–June 2013 issue of the Chinese edition, our photographs of ʻIʻiwi (Drepanis coccinea) were used for the covers. In the cover story, “Bird Watcher,” many of our bird photographs were also used.

Hana Hou! Magazine (Iiwi)
Hana Hou! Magazine (Maui Amakihi)

Elepaio Enduring

In the August–September 2016 issue, our photographs of ʻElepaio were used in an article titled “ʻElepaio Enduring.”

Hana Hou! Magazine (Hawaii Elepaio)